Hi guys, it’s Cat here ♥
As you may know, me and Bruna started to post videos on our official youtube channel today, and, ok, we know that is not AWESOME, but we really want to take this idea forward, so we would really appriciate if you guys gave us youe opinions and, what we should do best, and some ideas, that would be great!

Well, if you already saw the video, you may know that I said i was going to talk more about the products we bought. Unfortunatly, i had a little problem with my camera, wich made me not be able to take pictures to it, but I promise I’ll post it the soon as I can!
Thank you 🙂




well, this is our official youtube channel (mine and Bruna’s). The first videos are posted n’ ready to be watched by YOU! Yes, you! As you may know, we are still in the beginning, but we hope to evolute somehow!! Our inspirations are youtubers like, Heart; Chelsea Crockett; Amanda Steele; you know… and they’re AWWWEEESOOOOMEEEE. So, this link drives you to our first video, please check it out, subscribe us, give ur opinion, and if you rreeaallllyy  enjoyed it, SHAAAAAARRRRREEEE 😉