Essential Travelling Stuff (INFO)

  • Bag


by “Segue… Italy”

This is a big travelling bag I bought at a SEGUE store. I don’t think there are already stores of this brand in the States, but if you ever come to Europe you’ll probably find some store around. I can’t tell you hiw much is it, because this was a gift from a person of my family so unfortunatly I can’t tell you much it costs.

  • Nintendo DSi XL, 25th Anniversary of Mario Bros.


I have this for almost three years, it’s from 2010 on the 25th Anniversary of MARIO BROS. games.It was around 250€, so It wasn’t very expensive because, you know, it’s a special edition. But I’m not sure if this is still available, but if it is, it’s probably more cheap right now!

  • Book


So yeah, I don’t really know why did I post this, I don’t think you guys got interested on my book, but in case you’re wondering, this is “Leandro, King Of HelΓ­ria” (english title), written by Alice Vieira. Many european librabries might have this. I can tell this is a fun story, it’s like a script, because it is based on a play. So, if you want to know more about this, just search on google πŸ™‚