Essential Travelling Stuff (INFO)

  • Bag


by “Segue… Italy”

This is a big travelling bag I bought at a SEGUE store. I don’t think there are already stores of this brand in the States, but if you ever come to Europe you’ll probably find some store around. I can’t tell you hiw much is it, because this was a gift from a person of my family so unfortunatly I can’t tell you much it costs.

  • Nintendo DSi XL, 25th Anniversary of Mario Bros.


I have this for almost three years, it’s from 2010 on the 25th Anniversary of MARIO BROS. games.It was around 250€, so It wasn’t very expensive because, you know, it’s a special edition. But I’m not sure if this is still available, but if it is, it’s probably more cheap right now!

  • Book


So yeah, I don’t really know why did I post this, I don’t think you guys got interested on my book, but in case you’re wondering, this is “Leandro, King Of Helíria” (english title), written by Alice Vieira. Many european librabries might have this. I can tell this is a fun story, it’s like a script, because it is based on a play. So, if you want to know more about this, just search on google 🙂


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