Hi everyone! My APRIL FAVORITES video is already set, so the following posts will be about my 3 MONTHLY TIPS… ENJOY!


With the beggining of Summer the heat comes up and all the extra products you add to your skin will ruin it step by step if you don’t pay attention to what you’re using. In my opinion for the next days, while you’re getting used to these temperatures, you shouldn’t wear too much makeup because it will dry you’re skin and will get unhealthy. So, for the next days I recommend a makeup routine based on skincare products, Lip Balms/Lip Glosses and other kind of products, but in a soft way 🙂


Brushes: Claire’s

Lip Balms: Oriflame & Chemist’s

Lip Gloss: Claire’s

Foundation: Oriflame


Black Lash Extreme Mascara: Oriflame

Small Cappuccino Eyeshadow: Oriflame

Chocolate Brown Lip Pencil: Yesensy

Pink Blush Lipstick: Oriflame

Rose Idyllic Gloss: Bourjois

Oxygen Boost Foundation: Oriflame

Hot Brown Blusher: Shiseido

Small Brush: Claire’s

Bigger Brush: Elena Miro

So, don’t forget! Try to give your skin the most natural and pretty look you can with the lower number of products, it won’t only just help your skin, but also you’re wallet! hahaha and also because any girl these toons of makeup to be pretty, you’re perfect the way you are ♥ xxx


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