What I Got For My 14th Birthday: THE POST

Hi everyone! Here’s the post that complements my last video 🙂



So, I’m going to start this randomly because roght now I’m not remembering the order on the video so, I hope you don’t mind… xD

So, has you can tell, it was my birthday so I obviously don’t know the prices hahaha


So, this was a cuuuute offer that came to me straight from Canada at Claire’s, a friend bought it to me has my birthday and i think this will look sooo lovely to wear with my Spring and Summer outfits, and so if you’re looking for a special detail for next season’s look, just choose something like this!


This is a cutie top with the tribal pattern I LOOOOVE and so, if you have this crush for this kind of patterns just run over to Bershka, really ruuuun because they have right now like toons of item like this and they’re soo cheap, you’ll get crazy!!!


Now these were the beeeest evaaaaa because, high-waisted shorts are soo in you know? They started out at the 80’s, but they’re back to stay ♥


I believe these ones were “modernated” coz they’re a strange color, something between pink and salmon and they’re actually kinda large but they’re soo pretty! Have you guys understandood now why I love Bershka??

The following top has a loooong history, if you wanna know it go check my video and you’ll find out why I’m saying this… The fact is that I ended up loving it & using it


ooh just a note to this top: make sure when you’re going to wear this, you’re not using below something that will make a huuuuge contrast because this top is prettu tight and transparent, so just be carefull hahaha :p


Ok, so here goes the last thing: the weirdo belt hahaha

Has you already know I wasn’t really expecting of gaining a belt for my birthday but I was really needing it, actually it was nice from my mom to give me something I needed instead of making me buy it with my money i’ve been saving for an iPhone!


This belt was from Primark, and I believe it was pretty cheap and trust me, Primark’s products are cheap and of quality and that’s just why I shop a lot at there! As I said on my video, if you’re needing a simple belt in any color, you’ll find it there 🙂


So, this was my WHAT I GOT FOR MY 14th BIRTHDAY  ! I hope you liked it, and cya soon 🙂


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