Well… I have to admit, I was kinda pessimist when I talked about today, it wasn’t all bad! I tried to ignore the bad weather and have fun at the Mall, so I got two little presents to myself, two makeup supplies from the amazing MAYBELLINE NY, one of my favorite brands! Well, these things I got, I’ve heard a lot of girls reccomending this, so I decided to enjoy the moment I try those!

So, the first thing was the COLOR TATTOO 24HR gel eyeshadow…


This a gel eyeshadow from MAYBELLINE NY. This stays in your eyes for 24 Hours, I mean; if you use makeup removing wipes! I bought the 05-Eternal Gold because it’s light and simple, perfect for my everyday makeup!


The other thing was this AMAZING mascara from the VOLUM’ EXPRESS collection! This is the “ONE BY ONE” mascara, and i’ve tried it, and i loove it! It’s just how I imagine it would be like! An amazing long and flawless look to my eyelashes,


I think it’s everything about the amazing brush, it’s big and has special tips!



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