gotta go work

Hi guys! I’m here for a little resume of yesterday 🙂

So after my post about Wednesday and the twitter tag, I recorded my summer haul video, and took some pics. I was suppost to upload them here, but then dad needed to go to Sintra for work, and Claudia was going too, and I wasn’t really in the mood to be home alone, so I decided to go with them.

My dad works with designers. He designes posters for promotions, advertising, or just the logotype of a brand, and also websites for several companies. So he needed to meet up with a lady that has a company that works with the same things because they’re doing a collab right now.

Me and Claudia were kinda random in there hahah coz they were all so busy and commited on that thing and we were like watching them doing their job! But it was fun anyways 🙂 Right now they are working on the advertising for a jewelry store that is about to release their summer collection. After the meet up with Luisa (the lady from the company), we went to Sintra Forum for checking out the jewelry store. It was near the “snack time” so we had a little snack at a coffee in the mall. I looooooove Ice Tea! Oh, and for now on, orange and chocolate cupcakes too 🙂


You might be asking about the cupcake.. Well, it was sooo delicious that me and Claudia couldn’t wait to eat it and it was gone before I had the time to photograph it hahahah

And you? Did you had fun yesterday?


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