TGIF!! Couldn’t wait for it! I know I am on summer vacations right now, but this week was even harder then the last school one so I couldn’t wait for Friday, a chill day that always starts well and maybe ends up good for my dear readers too, let’s see… 🙂



So I started out this amazing sunny day with some freeeesh n’ sweeeeet pinapple! It reminds me so much of summer because it has that bright color and it’s so refreshing and amazing to start your day! And also, as you can see, these yuuuuuummy waffles 🙂 Geee I didn’t ate waffles for so long, this was an amazing way to remind me of how it tastes, a long with strawberry jam and chocolate *-*

Right now I’m editing the summer haul video and hope to have it ready till the end of the day, but I make no primisses because.. I have a little issue after the dinner hahaha Don’t wonder wrong things ok! But I’ll tell you a bit more on next post, stay tunned!

Till then, tell me how you started your Friday 🙂


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