13th/14th Of September + BEST FRIEND TAG VIDEO???

TBI Vlog: 13th Of September + Best Friend Tag Video???

Hey bloggers! Today I have a new vlog for you and my subbies. It is really short coz it’s nothing but me talking about yesterday! It was kinda rough day, but at night time we had lots of fun. So today I was filming (gosh how good it felt to be in front of the camera again) and I didn’t specified on the Vlog which video was but I’m telling you guys coz you’re all my favs hahah it was the What’s On My iPhone video. I had so much fun and every single day that passes by I miss my computer even more and feel bad about me and Bruna because our channel is literally abondoned..

Alright so, one of the things I also talked about on the video (which you also read on the video title) was “best friend tag“. The idea of making that video accured to Bruna and I fully agreed so we are very very soon getting back to the video business together with the Best Friend Tag video for that I really really really need one and just one nice favor from you guys: we obviously can’t to the tag video without being tagged with questions so everything you ever wanted to know about us and our friendship is now possible to ask. You can even do it anonymously, we just want you to ask please!
If you do, thanks a lot! Now I gotta go because tonight we’re going the that XVII Century Faire again so I gotta go get dinner and then get dressed and yeah.. I’ll talk to you guys later, bye!!



TBI Vlog by Me!!!!!

Okay guys I told you I was going to do a vlog and I actually did! It’s a short one, but it’s here! It was basically just for update our dear SUBBIIIIIEEEEESSS at YouTube because the last time we posted was for months I believe and also because I promised my readers here I was going to do one, so that really happened. I was also going to do one today but I also had to film a Haul Video (for YouTube too) to post later when I have a computer. And after it I went with my mother and sister down to the National Palace’s Garden because they’re are having there like one of those XVII century recreation faires and so I had dinner there and we only came back like an hour ago so I really couldn’t Vlog about today but ill do my best tomorrow so I can post a brand new one and I hope later you guys enjoy it and enjoy this one. So I’ll talk to you later!! Byeee xxx

Swedish Pancakes


When it comes to Scandinavian food, it’s all to easy to fawn over the cool aesthetic of places like Noma or think that it’s all about cinnamon buns. However, something that I really like is one of the simplest things you can make – straightforward Swedish pancakes, served the merest dusting of icing sugar and topped with lingonberry jam.


These are made with one of those handy-to-remember recipes, based on a ratio of 2-3-6. That’s 2 decilitres of flour, 3 eggs and 6 decilitres of milk. Yes, the decilitre. Odd, huh? This is something that you come across fairly rapidly if you dare to venture into Swedish cooking, but it does at first prompt a little confusion if you’re not used to it. It’s equivalent to 100ml, but as you might have worked out by now, I’ve got a bit of an aversion to volumes-based measurements. I’ll happily measure…

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The Circus

Really wish I could be there too! I bet it’s just wonderful to be in that kinda ambience, even knowing all of you are kinda used to it, I think it’s magical. But knowing I’m just a 14 year old blogger it’s nothing but a dream right? (Ok I know this sounded kinda desesperate) those blue lines are soo lovely *-*

The Fashion Medley

thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle12.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle7.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle9.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle8.jpg So it finally happened; despite all my gut feeling telling me that I would hate it, I went to join the crowd of New York Fashion Week today at Milk Studios. I didn’t have any invitation because I never applied for one, I attended almost every show when I was studying back in Milan and as fun as that was, I still believe that fashion shows are just for fashion industry insiders (call me old-fashioned) (get the word play there?).

I was in New York anyway for US Open, and since I was here already I thought why not take a look at the scene a little. I think it’s fair to say that Suzy Menkez was complimenting the crowd when she called it a fashion circus. It was probably the most pretentious and artificial bevy of people I’ve ever seen. I know, you are going to tell me that…

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LAST SUMMER WEEK VLOG!!! + Next Post & My computer issue…

Hey! Having full conscience that I haven’t post anything this week, here goes my update!

Nothing special happened recently but the best way to know what I’ve been doing is obviously to follow me on the social networks on the MENU. This post is also come out kinda lame because I’m writing it from my cellphone but yeah hahaha So as you know my computer’s broken so the only way I had to post for you was using my mother’s office computer! Now, knowing I can’t borrow her computer all the freaking time, I had to find another way to “interact” (idk if the word exists) with you guys! And what’s better for this then a little bit of vlogging? Using my nice/medium quality of video on my cel, I’ll record it (with the front camera obviously) and then upload it directly on YouTube on personal channel! Wich you’ll be able to check out later when I post it on here! So I’m almost sure ill be able to post one even today and if we’re all lucky I MAY post a real POST for my dear readers!
All talk to you later!
Hå det bra!!

or something like that in norwegian xxx

Finally The iPhone!

Heeeey! So you all know that I’ve been dying to have a new phone, coz my Nokia was already completly “off the hook”. So last a month I finally got the feeling that I’ve reached another level, that made some new improvement or investement oh this blogging and vlogging thing and got for myself an iPhone 4!



I know this is not the most recent model from Apple but an iPhone 5 is a total no. A 4s, well it could be a go. But hellooooo I’m just a teenager whoes many is all from family on Christmas and B-Day! Anyways I’m very happy with this one, it’s perfect for me. And I gotta confess I was craaaazy for buying a case so the first thing I did was running to Claire’s and buy the hottest case I saw hahah



Honestly I was desapointed coz I thought I would find there my personal (but public) world of cases but right now all the cool cases are for iPhone 5.. Well but I can’t say I made a bad purchase, You guys now I’m all into floral patterns so this describes me and darker then my wardrobe, wich I think will give another vision to my daily looks. I got this one for €8,55 I think, you can always go check out their site before running into their store and lose all your hope hahaha 🙂 Kidding, I love my case!

Do you have an iPhone? OMG I wanna see your cases! hahaha 😀 xxx


Heeey! Got some more to tell you, about learning too hahah as you guys MAY now is that one of my biggest inspiration as a blogger it’s the norwegian girl Aurora Mohn Stuedahl, her blog it’s auroramohn.blogg.no . You guys should toootally go check it out because it’s just my favorite ever! The only bad thing about it it’s that she writes in norwegian wich kinda complicates my life when I want to read it, so I got the amazing idea of learning norwegian!



So far, all I have is the coolest app for Android on my mother’s phone, but I really wanna go forward with this idea and soon I hope to get somewhere with this! Who knows if I wont emigrate to Norway? Really dk, things are pretty ugly over here in Portugal! But let’s give some time to this hahah

So, have you been trying something new too?

September’s Here!

Helloooo there. yes I’m alive! So latelly I’ve been most worried about school than ever coz this is year ‘m having exams and I totally have to focus on this.


The best way to concentrate while studying is to propose a good ambience for you. In my case I like listening to music, and get focused on what I’m doing, specially on maths coz it’s my worst enemy on school..


I also like to have nice stuff around me, like I don’t like to study in my room because I know I’ll get distracted easily so I go to the dinning room hahah. It’s kinda weird, but it’s the most fresh and light division of my house, Otherwise, if I studied on my room it would had to be on my bed and here, during the aftenoon I have the whole huge table just for me 🙂

Ohoh and I’m suuuuuper happy coz IKEA catalogs are back! Here in Portugal, every year they send people catalogs with their new collection of furniture and I really like their stuff, and because I’ll my do a room makeover soon this came just in time.


So I just did a little breake from maths and took a look at the new house tendencies!

There are sooo many stuff I want to talk about and show you guys, I promise I’ll do my best to post more as soon as I can! I hope you have an amazing year at school, or in case you’re not in school anymore, just have a nice year doing what you do and wich me luck because school’s starting in two weeks here in Portugal!

Tell me more about what you’ve been doing! 🙂

Love ya xxx