September’s Here!

Helloooo there. yes I’m alive! So latelly I’ve been most worried about school than ever coz this is year ‘m having exams and I totally have to focus on this.


The best way to concentrate while studying is to propose a good ambience for you. In my case I like listening to music, and get focused on what I’m doing, specially on maths coz it’s my worst enemy on school..


I also like to have nice stuff around me, like I don’t like to study in my room because I know I’ll get distracted easily so I go to the dinning room hahah. It’s kinda weird, but it’s the most fresh and light division of my house, Otherwise, if I studied on my room it would had to be on my bed and here, during the aftenoon I have the whole huge table just for me πŸ™‚

Ohoh and I’m suuuuuper happy coz IKEA catalogs are back! Here in Portugal, every year they send people catalogs with their new collection of furniture and I really like their stuff, and because I’ll my do a room makeover soon this came just in time.


So I just did a little breake from maths and took a look at the new house tendencies!

There are sooo many stuff I want to talk about and show you guys, I promise I’ll do my best to post more as soon as I can! I hope you have an amazing year at school, or in case you’re not in school anymore, just have a nice year doing what you do and wich me luck because school’s starting in two weeks here in Portugal!

Tell me more about what you’ve been doing! πŸ™‚

Love ya xxx

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