Finally The iPhone!

Heeeey! So you all know that I’ve been dying to have a new phone, coz my Nokia was already completly “off the hook”. So last a month I finally got the feeling that I’ve reached another level, that made some new improvement or investement oh this blogging and vlogging thing and got for myself an iPhone 4!



I know this is not the most recent model from Apple but an iPhone 5 is a total no. A 4s, well it could be a go. But hellooooo I’m just a teenager whoes many is all from family on Christmas and B-Day! Anyways I’m very happy with this one, it’s perfect for me. And I gotta confess I was craaaazy for buying a case so the first thing I did was running to Claire’s and buy the hottest case I saw hahah



Honestly I was desapointed coz I thought I would find there my personal (but public) world of cases but right now all the cool cases are for iPhone 5.. Well but I can’t say I made a bad purchase, You guys now I’m all into floral patterns so this describes me and darker then my wardrobe, wich I think will give another vision to my daily looks. I got this one for €8,55 I think, you can always go check out their site before running into their store and lose all your hope hahaha 🙂 Kidding, I love my case!

Do you have an iPhone? OMG I wanna see your cases! hahaha 😀 xxx


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