LAST SUMMER WEEK VLOG!!! + Next Post & My computer issue…

Hey! Having full conscience that I haven’t post anything this week, here goes my update!

Nothing special happened recently but the best way to know what I’ve been doing is obviously to follow me on the social networks on the MENU. This post is also come out kinda lame because I’m writing it from my cellphone but yeah hahaha So as you know my computer’s broken so the only way I had to post for you was using my mother’s office computer! Now, knowing I can’t borrow her computer all the freaking time, I had to find another way to “interact” (idk if the word exists) with you guys! And what’s better for this then a little bit of vlogging? Using my nice/medium quality of video on my cel, I’ll record it (with the front camera obviously) and then upload it directly on YouTube on personal channel! Wich you’ll be able to check out later when I post it on here! So I’m almost sure ill be able to post one even today and if we’re all lucky I MAY post a real POST for my dear readers!
All talk to you later!
Hå det bra!!

or something like that in norwegian xxx

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