The Circus

Really wish I could be there too! I bet it’s just wonderful to be in that kinda ambience, even knowing all of you are kinda used to it, I think it’s magical. But knowing I’m just a 14 year old blogger it’s nothing but a dream right? (Ok I know this sounded kinda desesperate) those blue lines are soo lovely *-*

The Fashion Medley

thefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle12.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle7.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle9.jpgthefashionmedley-nyfw2013-streetstyle8.jpg So it finally happened; despite all my gut feeling telling me that I would hate it, I went to join the crowd of New York Fashion Week today at Milk Studios. I didn’t have any invitation because I never applied for one, I attended almost every show when I was studying back in Milan and as fun as that was, I still believe that fashion shows are just for fashion industry insiders (call me old-fashioned) (get the word play there?).

I was in New York anyway for US Open, and since I was here already I thought why not take a look at the scene a little. I think it’s fair to say that Suzy Menkez was complimenting the crowd when she called it a fashion circus. It was probably the most pretentious and artificial bevy of people I’ve ever seen. I know, you are going to tell me that…

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