13th/14th Of September + BEST FRIEND TAG VIDEO???

TBI Vlog: 13th Of September + Best Friend Tag Video???

Hey bloggers! Today I have a new vlog for you and my subbies. It is really short coz it’s nothing but me talking about yesterday! It was kinda rough day, but at night time we had lots of fun. So today I was filming (gosh how good it felt to be in front of the camera again) and I didn’t specified on the Vlog which video was but I’m telling you guys coz you’re all my favs hahah it was the What’s On My iPhone video. I had so much fun and every single day that passes by I miss my computer even more and feel bad about me and Bruna because our channel is literally abondoned..

Alright so, one of the things I also talked about on the video (which you also read on the video title) was “best friend tag“. The idea of making that video accured to Bruna and I fully agreed so we are very very soon getting back to the video business together with the Best Friend Tag video for that I really really really need one and just one nice favor from you guys: we obviously can’t to the tag video without being tagged with questions so everything you ever wanted to know about us and our friendship is now possible to ask. You can even do it anonymously, we just want you to ask please!
If you do, thanks a lot! Now I gotta go because tonight we’re going the that XVII Century Faire again so I gotta go get dinner and then get dressed and yeah.. I’ll talk to you guys later, bye!!


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