HEEEEEEEEEEEY! So, it’s kind of sheety this title hahaha actually none of my dreams came true but things have been going in the right way!


Recently, the tickets for One Direction-Where We Are Tour were sold in some countries in Europe-including Portugal, AND I GOT FOUR FOR THE FRONT SITS!! 😀 One for me, two others for the two Brunas and the last one for Joana. I also got the amazing new that some of my friends from other cities on the country will be on that area and I am suuuuuper excited for this! The concery will only be in 13th of July, 2014 so it was kinda crazy that 40% of the tickets were sold in only 55 minutes! The capacity of the stadium is 50.948 sits, I guess it will be way crazier than the concert in Lisbon last summer, but will be memorable! Did you guys watched the This Is Us Movie? Ooooooh dear that was the best, cutest, finest and most wonderfull way to spend 2h starring at the boys and take a look at all the achieved so far. I’m a cureless directioner, but I mean, I know some day I won’t be this crazy for the boys but they really have been an important ‘thing’ during my teenager life. And oh, it’s ironical that I’m writing this while listening to BSE (Best Song Ever).


All you read so far wasn’t what I actually meant to tell you guys on this post but it was just something I really had to talk about. The great new I have for my readers and youtube viewers is that MY FREAKING COMPUTER IS BACK OH YEEEEAAAAH when dad arrived home with my baby on his hands I was like “Thank God your here my sweet and loved computer I COULDN’T HANDLE THIS ANYMOOOOORE” -kidding. That never happened of course hahaha but I was full of happiness inside because thanks to the problem my computer decided to have around June, I spent the whole summer with internet only on my cel it was killing me. I wasn’t capable to upload any video during the summer, and that’s terrible for a youtuber/beauty guru/beauty vlogger and blogger. This my first post on my dear computer since he came back, and much more will come 🙂

I honestly just wanted to update you guys about this tingly thing, thanks you read it! xxx


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