Late Night Posts

Boas noites! – good night in portuguese. 

Here am I for a late night post for my lovely readers (just another update). Fiiiiiinally had the time to download the iOS 7.0.2. It was soo bugging me, coz I didn’t had enough free space on my iPhone for downloading it. But know with my computer back I had the chance to transfeer all the pics and films for my disc and erase them from the camera roll. Can you believe that only that was taking 3,1 GB??? That’s crazy right? Well anyways, know am all happy and stuff coz I feel in harmony with the world hahaha (at least, the iOS world). 


School started 4 weeks ago.. so did the English teacher’s alarming for this years oral exam! This year on the English class we’ll have to do a single project (no group projects alowd) where we will have to be talking about: body image, travelling, music, jobs,and other two themes I can’t remember right now.. So what do you think I should pick? I mean, music is sooooo expected bu it’s my fav! Anyways, you can’t suggest already because i picked travelling. But still can’t figure out what to talk about inside that theme. I wanted to do something different than what everyone else is going to do.. HELP? NOW ALL SUGGESTIONS STILL ALLOWD! Could really use your opinion right now guys :/

Gotta go now, still have to pack my school stuff for tomorow and erm… GO TO SLEEP RIGHT! I’ll talk to you later 🙂 xxx

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