Good afternoon! So this week’s hal way gone, it’s wednesday!

Today was normal an tiring day at school, I was sooo damn dead when I arrived home, gee.. But it was school, I had lunch at school (coz I had classes in the afternoon) and during the lunch time I had lots of time to hang out with my friends. We had Geography, basically I watched a couple of documentaries about chinese and arabian agriculture (I felt so sleepy during that).


after school chocolate milkshake 🙂


Today I was the first day I used the new Apple software for iPhone, the iOS 7. I actually liked it, I loved the other software but it was about time coz they really needed to upgrade.


I think it took around an hour to download, I started the process when I went to sleep so when I woke up this morning I had a completly new look hahah

When the download finishes, there are a few things you have to configurate, like accepting the terms and conditions but nothing too special. After all that stuff this is how your locked screen will look:


background applied by me, the starting one is all white

The upper dash, above the time is suppose to show you the same as before: the day, calendar notifications and reminders, the stocks, …

The lower dash below the “slide to unlock” bar leads you to: Flying mode icon, Wi-Fi icon, Bluetooth icon, and other two I don’t know the name in english. Also allows you to control brightness settings, control the music you’re listening to (pause, play, change song, change volum). There are four other icons below the music set, but they’re not to relevant. You obviously still can take pictures/film with you’re screen locked as you saw on the previous picture.


this is how it looks when you slide the unlocking bar for typing your code, in case you have one


Main menu look, the background was applied by me. The starting stays the same as the one you had before.

Nothing to special changed in this, I mean it still works the same but things like the searching bar are placed diferently..


The thing I liked the least about this whole look changing was probably the messaging. I think we were all so used to the old one, this looks to modern and futuristic for our sights but yanno I can’t say i hate it


The last thing I wanna show you is picture thing, you know, the look of the screen when you’re going to take a picture. It’s soooo diferent GEE


This kinda reminds me of the Android software, it’s so not Apple hahah if that even makes sense. Well but it’s nice, it’s more light and modern and I think my cel is also working faster which pleases me honeslty!

If you have any doubts about this don’t forget to comment down below or for giving opinions, I’ve also been using this for less than 24h so I could use some tips too 🙂

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