Hello there! As I promised today I bring to you my monday look! (If you dk what I’m talking about go to my previous post).

It’s such a boring day every week, and I also have PE so I wanted to go for something casual but still cute..


For today, I inspired my self in one of the looks at Girl Vs Monster movie, wore by Olivia Holt who plays Skylar Lewis, the main character.

It was super hard finding pictures of her with that look, and the only ones I got were like fractions of the movie. So anyways, I’m sorry the images aren’t the best, but it was all I could find!




So as you can see she’s wearing this cropped sleeve red/salmon shirt, these suuuuper cute jeans – I find them interesting, I just loooove this type of skinny jeans with this kinda weird pattern that seems to fade away but that’s actually the normal fabric. I have two pairs of jeans like this!, as footwear I believe she’s just wearing some super normal trainers (red I think), but you just go with a color that matches this outfit.

Here’s the look:



Salmon sweater with cropped sleeves from Stradivarius

I know this is not very alike the shirt she wears, but it was the closest I had  to her top hahah and it’s perfect for Fall, also I think it matches this outfit very good 🙂 I also wore this with a black top underneath the sweater- not just because this is kinda transparent but also coz it was cold today!

This sweater was super cheap- around 7€



Black semi high-waisted skinny jeggings from Stradivarius

These are the ones I got most recently. They are very confortable, they look good with every Fall outfit and also are soo easy to find! I think every store like Zara, Forever 21, PacSun, ect. THEY HAVE IT. You can also choose diferent colors, the other pair I have is like a light wash denim coz I don’t really like jeans with bright colors. The ones I wore today are jeggings, wich I prefer because they’re more confy hahah

In case you got interested, these jeggings cost me 17,95€, wich I can say they weren’t much expensive right?


As footwear, there’s nothing to special. Olivia was wearing some red high-top sneakers. Since I didn’t had those I just put on my white Nike Air Force (hightop). Basically, the footwear is still importantbut less then the top and bottoms!



Just like you saw on the previous pictures of her look, her makeup was super simple, a natural look. I also know you can’t really tell how’s the makeup I’m wearing but I’ll just list below the products I used!

  • Oriflame Perfecting Primer apply where’s harder to your makeup to stay all day;
  • Maybelline FIT ME Concealer apply underneath your eyes if you have dark circles and also if you have any blemishes;
  • Oriflame Visions  Pressed Powder apply all over your face;
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo (Eternal Gold) apply all over the lid;
  • Any nude eyeshadow apply all over the lid-again, to blend the sparkles of the golden eyeshadow and keep it natural but somehow cute. Also, apply below the eyebrows to work as highlighter;
  • Sephora Black Pencil Liner apply on the waterline;
  • Maybelline Rocket Mascara 
  • Any light pink blush
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick to finish up this look, apply some soft pink lipstick!

And that’s it for this Monday’s look! I really hope you guys enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow! Obviously not gonna reveal who’s the next inspiration hahah xxx

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