Hey guys! Today I decided to let you know a little bit more about my friends since I talk so much about them here! In case you don’t know, me and Bruna aren’t in the same class.. but that’s ok, we’re still best friends and I also have very cool people on my class! 1379054_312851945520291_617239799_n 1388582_312841518854667_1137783317_n   Starting with the names, the one with very long hair and braces it’s me hahahah; the one in the right with very curly hair and blue eyes is Cláudia; the other one with curly hair and black top with white polka dots is Jéssica; the girl with the green t-shirt is Joana and finally thr girl with the blue t-shirt is Inês! We have soo much fun together while playing games, laughing, taking photos some times with my camera and others with Cláudia’s! These were taken at Joana’s house with Claudia’s camera on a.. crazy day hahaha



me pretending to be a unicorn omg hahah





Ohhh it’s soo nice to see how friendship is, right? It’s also amazing that I’ve become so close to them in only almost three years! They are that type of girls that you know you can count on them (specially because today I forgot my School ID so it was Claudia who payed my lunch hahah) but we can also be crazy and weird with each others!

I hope you enjoyed to know more about my friends!

What about you, any close friends like mines? Have a nice week!


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