Hi again! As you all know, yesterday was awarding night in Amsterdam bevause of the MTV EMA, you can go check out their website here for consultig who was the winner of each category, the Celebrity Buzz contest results that went down on twitter last night during the show and all that stuff. You can also watch the whole ceremony back again in case you missed it!


Now, I can’t be objective about this, totally gotta share my opinion about this year’s results.. ALL so.. unexpected! Don’t you agree? Well, I’m not saying that the the people who won didn’t deserve them.. well maybe I am, and maybe I’m right!? C’mon, I always predict almost all of the winners but this year I almos got to think the results were wrong! The biggest schocker of the night was probably the winner for Biggest Fans category.. WAIT WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? TOKIO HOTEL? WHAT? Right.. I gotta be honest, I thought they we’rent even together already, seriously! I know they use to be a huge success but that was 5 years ago! Also, it was schocking not only the winner for Best Music Video but also the way Miley Cyrus acted when she received the award.. She came on stage, with her -now usual – white maillot and some big and creepy fur coat, some all white chunky heels, her classy Chanel purse and  WAIT WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? IS SHE ACTUALLY SMOKING WEED ON STAGE? WHAT? Right.. Honestly, Redfoo’s eatable suit was pretty normal compared to Miley’s latest actions. I know her perfomance of We Can’t Stop was to normal to be true, she totally had to the something to call for attention..

I was pretty sad that One Direction, Justin Bieber, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis weren’t able to attend the EMA ceremony, they were very important to this year’s ceremony..

Katy Perry’s performance? Well that’s another thing to talk about, that was stunning! She was so pretty, she sang so well and the song was beautifull!

TBH Icona Pop singing “I Love It was the perfect way to end the ceremony, their song has turned into an amazing worldwide hit, totally a mark of this year’s music and everybody was partying and dancing to that song.. ooohh I wish I was theeeeere! Humm.. one day I will hahaha ♥♥♥ But we never know right? I mean, they seem to be inviting YouTube hits every year from now on. Last year was Psy with the Gangnam Style thing and this year was Ylvis with The Fox (honestly I still can’t understand why does the fox says ding ding ding or some shit like that)..

What’s your opinion on this year’s MTV EMA ceremony? 🙂 xx


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