Hey ♥ So I had these last days as “vacation” off the blog basically, my weekend was all about stay at home and do nothing, except watching the MTV EMA 2013 … I refuse to talk about that now, it’ll be the issue of the next post.

Well, I’m soon getting the Adobe Premium video editor on my computer and I’m super excited coz I can’t wait to return to my beauty guru life! That’s what today’s post’s about, my OOTD and a couple ideas of looks that will be up on my “Winter FrozenBook” video.. I mean, if get the chance to upload it. If I don’t, well, we’ll have to stick to the good and old blog posting.


Today the sun was big and bright, still tho the temperatures didn’t passed the 20ºC. I chose a a light and confy look.



I got this shirt at Zara, last year. It’s some “kinda” lace fabric, and it’s way too transparent for being wore with nothing else underneath, that’s why I had a simple tight black top. You can check out the store here.



Above the top, as my jacket/coat, I wore this light wash denim shirt. This is a very regular item and I bet most of you have this. I got this one at Stradivarius for 2 years ago and I just can’t get over how handy this is everyday! This a very wore item during all the seasons lately, you can go search for these at any clothing store but you can check out Stradivarius’ website here

I also wore some regular medium wash denim jeggings from Primark and my normal white Nike Air Force.

As my accessories I didn’t wore many stuff, besides my regular earrings and bracelets I wore a light pink infinity scarf as you saw on the first pictures. It is from Primark and it was around 4-5€



DSC_5339 DSC_5340


That’s it for today’s look! Tomorrow there will be another post if I have the chance to blog , wich I’m not sure about because I end classes later and Cláudia has classes aswell, she might take the computer.. Oh, about that! I was talking to my mother the other day and between a lot bla bla bla we agree that me and my sister need separated computers, so I may get the MacBook Air for Christmas OMG I’m soo excited about that hahah ♥ it’s been a while since I’m begging for a MacBook and now it’s the perfect time. I just hope she doesnt change her mind, right?


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