DIY Makeup Brush Supporter

Hey hey! Today I wanna share with you a DIY (DIYourself) item that I bet it’ll be pretty handy for you!





Sometimes it gets very hard to find where to set your makeup tools like brushes and sponges or lash curlers, so I found a way to make my own supporter with… a Starbucks cup!

So, like any other person, I randomly went to Starbucks and asked for de old, but gold Caramel Frappuccino.

1. Wich size?

You might think it is too short, but the size I used was Tall (the smaller one), It’s the one you can see on the pictures and for me it’s the perfect size (so in width and height). But in case your brushes are idk bigger or something you can use the Grande size, but bigger than that is too much.

2. How to turn it into my supporter?

2.1 Cleaning After you finish your beverage you have to clean your cup, obviously. I pretty much cleaned it the most simple way possible. First you have to pour some water in to remove the residues of the drink, then you have to apply (with a specific sponge) some detergent. Remove the excess of water with some absorbent paper and let it dry for about an hour or less.

2.2 Decor

I pretty much didn’t decorate my cup, coz I thought it would look cute just as the regular Starbucks cup with my  name on it and the logo hahah but you can paint it, attach details, cover it and many many many other things!



You might be asking what’s the cotton for. Well at first I used it just because, but it keeps my cup cleaner, gives it a lghter look, also, if your brusher are smaller it’s good to have something on the bottom making it less tall. You might wanna replace the cotton with some frequency coz it can get dirty.





Now that you know how do it, it’s up to you! I think this is a pretty good idea. Even tho these supporters usually aren’t very expensive, it’s still a money savior!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a nice weekend! 🙂


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