Heyaaaa ♥ 

How is everyone? Loooooong time no talk, right? Really needed to update on the blog and everything has been so messed up.

Yesterday was my aunt’s birthday, she threw a little party at her house for the family, even tho it wasn’t super exciting it was good to be with the family again 🙂



Lazy sunday feeling like hahah OOTD is the most random combo i could put on: the black muscle tee is from Primark, the baseball jacket is from Bershka, blue leggings from Leftie’s and the red high top sleepers are from Primark


“You know you’re a blogger when even when your room is a mess, you post a picture”- me hahah

It’s urgent, i seriously need to clean my room coz it looks t e r r i b l e. Still, i dunno if I’m gonna be able to actually clean it today or just a general cleaning because i’m gonna be studying for the rest of the day today (portuguese midterm next week)! My grades were way to low in first term and i’m doing my best to get back to the straight A student i used to be.

Oh, if you’re wondering why all these pictures were taken by my iPhone and not my camera, well… let’s just say i’m with a stich at the moment that will be fixed soon!

What will you be doing for the rest of today? 🙂


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