Today was so different from yesterday, I was actually feeling happy for no reason, who doesn’t love that feeling? It was probably because I didn’t went to Math hahah yeah I had a ophthalmology consultation or whatever it’s called in english. I’m finally changing my glasses! Woop woop

The weather was amazing today, really sunny and tomorrow will be like 30 degrees (Celsius) so excited I’ll be back to summer clothing 🙂
Tomorrow will be kinda stressful because I’ll have a Science test and were finally presenting that group project about Comic Relief so I may not be able to post.
PLUS have you heard about 5SOS FINALLY RELEASING THEIR ALBUM OMG I was literally freaking out when I got home and it was trending on twitter and everyone is so excited and I really can’t wait for it, PLUS “Don’t Stop” music video is coming out on 19th Of May and I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing!


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