Hey hey!
Hope everyone had nice Monday 🙂 mine was lame as fuck, it started terribly with that monthly unpredictable visitor that made me not being able to do PE. Math class was kinda different today, we had this activity going on at the Library so class was spent there. After a bunch of other lame classes, thank goodness it was lunch time!


We had lasagna for lunch omg ❤️ We spent the whole afternoon at Joana’s so we could finish this Geography project we’ve been dragging forever about Comic Relief (we’re obviously mentioning One Direction and Little Mix hahah)

We also had a hysterical moment when we finally watched “Real Girls Eat Cake” music video by The Janoskians! Let me just tell you, it made my day 62823737 times better omg ❤️ If you haven’t watched it yet, click here ! And if you don’t know who The Janoskians are, you’ve been REALLY missing out!


Hey there ❤️
Today I have for you a music post. There’s a few songs I’ve been obcessing over soo much and I really want to share them you guys. They’re 4 and one of them isn’t recent, I’ve actually download it last year after it came out but it’s soo beautiful.

“Problem” by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea

I’m uploading this from my phone so I have no idea if it’s in HD, I really hope so tho hahhaha

The first song is Ariana Grande’s most recent single. There was no way I would miss it since she’s my favorite singer. Her voice is just incredible, and I’ve also liked Iggy’s part very much, she’s a very good artist. This song reminds me of all those teen stories of when a good girl falls for a bad boy xD idk if it makes sense but you just have to listen to it. Can’t wait for Ariana’s next single and the album too omgggg
Note: there’s this fanfiction called “After”, if you’re a fangirl you obviously know it anyways. The first time I heard the damn song it reminded me so much of After geez hahha anyone else felt the same?

“Surfboard” by Cody Simpson

ok I’m almost sure this one isn’t in HD, sorry srsly

I have to say, I never was and I’m still not a huge fan of Cody Simpson. Idk I guess I never felt captivated for his music style but this song really did surprised me. It’s actually really good, it’s one of those songs you just can’t hear without wanting to dance your legs out hahah 🙂 I admit I wasn’t even planning on listening to it, it just happened a few days ago when I was at Inês’ house for group a work (more like messing her house hahah) and we played the video just because, I’m actually pretty glad we did it!

“Don’t Let Me Go” performed by Harry Styles

this one obviously has no cover, this is just I picture I had of Harry on my camera roll lol

OKAY BEFORE U START HATING OR SOMETHING: Yes I am a directioner and I have no problems with it. And yes I know this performance is from last year but that doesn’t mean I can’t still obcess over it right? This song is honestly the most beautiful thing the world could creat omfg even if you don’t like One Direction or Harry or whatever, this song is beautiful ❤️
Note: if you read that fanfiction “After” than you’ll certainly want to read it while listening to this song. I’ve tried it it fits perfectly

“Don’t Stop” by 5 Seconds Of Summer


Ok so if you follow me on twitter you already know how I feel about this guys (hint: my twitter name is 5 secs. of rainbows). This is their newsy single and I don’t think I have the words to describe it. The lyric video came out yesterday and I am still in a loss for words.. All I can say is that I’m so so so excited to be going to watch them in July as the opening act of Where We Are Tour (One Direction)! In case you don’t know them already then you should DEFENITLY check them out, their talent deserves to be recognized ❤️

That’s it for this post, whatcha think about it? Any other songs I should download?


Hey hey! Here I am today with a musical post for you guys to read & enjoy on this nighty Friday! I’ll just tell you guys about 8 songs I’ve been listening a lot lately! They will be displaid as my latest Top 8



On 8th place we have M.A.A.D. City by Kendrick Lamar.

This is not my most usual music type but I don’t listen just to pop music and One Direction. I listen almost all the main stream types (and not only) and I kinda enjoy listening to hip hop and rap, but it depends on the songs, coz there are some I can’t really stand! This is one a little mixture between hip hop and something alternative with a nice rythme.



7th place goes for Royals by Lorde

OH MY GOODNES god bless you if you’ve heard this already BUT IF YOU DIDN’T well, I don’t know where the heck have you been all this time!!? It’s the freacking song of the moment! I really think Lorde is going to leave a mark – maybe small, but she will. For who doesn’t know her, she’s a New Zealand based singer and songwriter, and thanks to her single “Royals”, all of her music is now out to the world. This song is like a combo of hip hop with pop, and maybe a little touch of new R&B. YOU WILL LOVE IT.



6th place: MKTO is now everything girls would like boys to tell them. You two own it.

Geeeee where have you been all my life?! Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller are the two members of this perf duet. They met in 2010 on a Nickelodeon tv show where they played best friends and then they turned out to be the music artists that in one song can describe all the good things about a girl and send a message to every single one out there saying everything a girl would like to hear from a boy.. Oh dear, I feel the butterflies on my tummy.



Can We Dance by The Vamps in 5th place. And yeah, we can dance.

Here’s what I’ve been dieing to tell you if you ever thought this boys wouldn’t be nothing but a band that makes covers: BA BAAAAAM YOU FAILED! In case you don’t know this babes (which I doubt), they’re the typical “let’s start doing covers” but they just released their first single “Can We Dance”. I think the boys have been improving very much, and you can totally tell that. Oh btw, Bradley’s voice is sexier than ever on this song..



I’m not crazy, Conor Maynard is actually back with new songs, like R U Crazy now on my 4th place.

Hands down, he killed it with this new theme. Once again I’m falling for this boy’s voice (face and body too). After you listen to this you actually get speechless! The sound is amazing but our cutie boy Conor basically tells the girl to go fuck herself – WAAAAAT? – OH YEAH HE DOES. Here’s a sample: “Should’ve hooked up with your sister/Girl now here’s my middle finger” DAMN – you say. But at least he haven’t change he’s style like a bunch of artists done recently. Conor is still amazing.



Old but gold.. 3rd place goes to Get Free by Major Lazer ft Amber Of Dirty Projectors

This song is been among us for little while huh? The first I heard was probably from my sister but I think back then I didn’t had music “likes” but recently a beauty guru used it on a OOTW video and I was like OOOOOHHHHH THIS MUSIIIIIIIIIIC. Most of my friends think this song is weird, and actually I kinda agree, but it’s so peacefull I,. I.. Idk, it’s awesome.



DJ Antoine‘s theme Song To The Sea on my 2nd place because..

Huuuum because.. Well this is a typical DJ theme from 2011, and it’s somehow repetitive. But I don’t know, I just can’t get enaugh of it! It’s a joyfull song, that brings me back summery happy memories, makes me sing the chorus, makes me wanna laugh with my friends.. Idk, does it sounds cray cray?



From the Lynch brothers plus Ellington Ratliff band’s (R5) first album Louder, came out the asdfghjklç CALI GIRLS SINGLE AND OH MY GOODNESS it’s been on replay for 3 freacking days.

WHAT THE HECK– you say. And I understand it. After all these smart, special and sofisticated 7 choices, how can I place these newbies in 1st place? I have no idea! You just have to listen to it, cos I actually have NO EXPLANATION! Everytime I hear a song I just wanna dance too, it becames my favorite song at the moment, coz it makes you feel happy, cheers you up and makes you wanna move your body, and I think that’s very important in a song. They are so talented, all the boys and Rydel. There ain’t no better song to entertain you now that cold days are coming, coz they actully say the word hot many times on this lyrics, and also because they are hot.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my latest main stream music achievements! If you think there are some other sounds I should take a look to, just comment down below with suggestions 🙂 xxx