Hey hey! Soo we’re back to the nice and lovely monday! Wait, when did mondays started to be lovely?-never. Anyways, my idea for today’s blog is to show you guys that you can be dedicated to fashion outside, and a real disaster at home!-so to speak. Today I was super tired when I arrived from school, so I had lunch, shot a video, and logged on the internet.. wait, rewind to the video part: I got a pair of ZARA Kids leggings and randomly I was wearing a ZARA Woman sweater WHAAAAT-you say! That’s right, you can be fashionable and confy at home while making crazy combos! Here’s the look:



The black sweater with the white tiger on is from ZARA Woman, wich I think i’ve mentioned a bunch of times. This is a very small model, my sweater is the and usually the biggest size I use is the M so.. I believe it is already from last year’s collection, I guess you’re not able to get at stores already.

The leggings are some regular dark blue fabric, with some lace detail at the ankle zone wich you can’t tell one these photos (so dumb that I forgot to photograph that). I got them 2 years ago (omg that’s crazy) but they’re just so confy and cute, and I actually think this outfit does the trick for the “being at home” style, and yes, I did filmed my video with it on, but that’s no big deal! All you can see is my face hahah


In case you’re wondering, the video I filmed was the “What’s In My Schoolbag?” one, I had toons of fun doing it and I really hope it’ll be up soon. so don’t forget to stay tunned!


How was your monday? 🙂 xx