OMG finally the weekend
This week has been so tiring, so many group projects, so many tests, homeworks GEEZ and the math extra classes seemed to last forever, it was yesterday but I barely remember a word my tutor said hahaha
The weekend always makes you feel so relaxed, even if you have to wake up early like I had today. And it gets better now that the weather is so nice! Speaking of weather, on my birthday I got soo many nice stuff that I really wanted to show you but.. no camera or laptop ugh I hate this.

When I got home yesterday I was soo happy when mom said we were going to the mall to have dinner because I really wasn’t feeling like staying at home on a Friday night. Yes I wanted to relax, but having dinner out it’s always good because it changes your routine!

Selfie hahaha

New iPhone case from Bershka ❤️

I also bought a black sleeveless cropped top on Pull & Bear that I’ll show you on an OOTD post as soon as I can!
How has your weekend been going so far?


Finally The iPhone!

Heeeey! So you all know that I’ve been dying to have a new phone, coz my Nokia was already completly “off the hook”. So last a month I finally got the feeling that I’ve reached another level, that made some new improvement or investement oh this blogging and vlogging thing and got for myself an iPhone 4!



I know this is not the most recent model from Apple but an iPhone 5 is a total no. A 4s, well it could be a go. But hellooooo I’m just a teenager whoes many is all from family on Christmas and B-Day! Anyways I’m very happy with this one, it’s perfect for me. And I gotta confess I was craaaazy for buying a case so the first thing I did was running to Claire’s and buy the hottest case I saw hahah



Honestly I was desapointed coz I thought I would find there my personal (but public) world of cases but right now all the cool cases are for iPhone 5.. Well but I can’t say I made a bad purchase, You guys now I’m all into floral patterns so this describes me and darker then my wardrobe, wich I think will give another vision to my daily looks. I got this one for €8,55 I think, you can always go check out their site before running into their store and lose all your hope hahaha 🙂 Kidding, I love my case!

Do you have an iPhone? OMG I wanna see your cases! hahaha 😀 xxx