OMG finally the weekend
This week has been so tiring, so many group projects, so many tests, homeworks GEEZ and the math extra classes seemed to last forever, it was yesterday but I barely remember a word my tutor said hahaha
The weekend always makes you feel so relaxed, even if you have to wake up early like I had today. And it gets better now that the weather is so nice! Speaking of weather, on my birthday I got soo many nice stuff that I really wanted to show you but.. no camera or laptop ugh I hate this.

When I got home yesterday I was soo happy when mom said we were going to the mall to have dinner because I really wasn’t feeling like staying at home on a Friday night. Yes I wanted to relax, but having dinner out it’s always good because it changes your routine!

Selfie hahaha

New iPhone case from Bershka ❤️

I also bought a black sleeveless cropped top on Pull & Bear that I’ll show you on an OOTD post as soon as I can!
How has your weekend been going so far?





bag  Bershka // shoes  Converse// black leggings  (i have no idea where)// denim jacket  Pull&Bear// tank top  Zara// golden necklace  Primark

watcha think? 🙂 



Loooooong time, no see :c I’m back hahah

hey there! today i wanna share with you one of the best things to do when you’re on spring break, at home, completly bored and hungry: MILKSHAKES! also, this soo easy, yummy and HEALTHY!


There are many types of milshakes you can do, pretty much just mix anything you like with milk into the blender and its done! I decided to go to one of my favs, the strawberry milkshake 🙂

1. Ingredients  the only ingredients ur needing are the ones u want he milkshake to taste like. so in this case i poured 4 (cut in half) strawberries and an almost full glass of milk. I made this just for me, I didn’t had any especific measures so I pretty much poured milk into the glass (a bit more than a half, i had to pour less than a normal glass of milk because the strawberries were going to add volume later).

2. Blend  probably the easiest thing to do hahah all you have to do is pretty much click on a button to mix all the ingredientes. it’s important to make sure you triturate well the fruit, otherwise, there will be chunks at the bottom of your beverage, and it’s not tasty!

3. Add sugar  to make this even healthier I used whole sugar instead of brown sugar or normal sugar. It’ll taste exacly the same, you just need to add more than usually do because this sugar is less sweet.

4. DONE!  enjoy your milkshake! you can also add some ice to make it more refreshing, but i tell you, THIS IS SOOO GOOD 


Hey hey! On this post I’m telling you what I did yesterday. Since it’s been raining the whole week and yesterday was sunny we decided to go out and take the day to go to IKEA. There was some stuff mom needed to buy, others she wanted to check out the price. Like couches, now that we have a cat our LEATHER couches are screwed! Also me and my sister are changing our bedroom soon, we want to take away the bunk and set two actuall beds.

085 061

I also needed a new pillow for bed time, mine was sooo old and.. ah… not fluffy? And I also wanted to check out their duvet covers, I got one suuuper cute! Maybe I’ll post a picture later? 🙂


Sorryyy, been a bit off I know, school is always the reason -.- Two days ago I was so happy it was Friday, wich meant I was free to rest and spend the following two days watching The Vampire Diaries season 5 hahah ♥ but guess what, it’s already fucking sunday, this weekend passed by soooo fast, why? 😥


picture with Rita, Sara and Margarida and well that’s me on the top hahah

Today I’m pretty much just talking about friday and how fun it was! We had a science group project to finish so after school we headed to my house and had lunch here (pizza life ♥) and finished the project after.


collage Sara made eheh

My face was soo worng  that day, I fell asleep and I didn’t had time to put even concealer on ugh. That was a hell of a weird day. On the way home it started raining soo much I had to call grandpa to pick us up in middle of the way or we would sink in so many rain! Then, we let one of the pizzas burn in the oven (well it was tasty anyways), also Sara spilled water into my computer’s keyboard and I panic! Fortunatly, we cleaned it super duper fast and it’s working perfectly hahah



After we finished Sara and Margarida started watching Chucky eww how bad do I hate that movie? Really bad :s so Rita and I stayed in the computer and took a bunch of pictures with my phone here are a couple.. we actually took around 40 like these hahaha

The rest of the day was Math extra class and dinner ugh for now on i’m having more 30 mins of the extra classes AT FRIDAY. how bad is this? Very bad 😦




Hey there! Today I’m reviewing part of this makeup palette by Guylond. I believe this brand isn’t that famous because I only got to know it last Christmas when my aunt gave it to me, and because this isn’t famous i thought it could be a good idea to let you guys know a bit more about it. I’d like to clarify that this product is not sponsored and all the opinions are true and of my own!

Because the palette is kinda big and I want to review it all, today’s post is only going to be about the highlighter/blush/bronzer. These aren’t products i use on my daily basis, the only powder I usually use it’s, well, the powder. By doing this post I also figured that I don’t have the right brushes but still, I tryed it!

You can find this palette HERE, for knowing about the prices you have to check out a store that sells this product.


aww this picture looks way better and the before and after one

I used the three of them: highlighter, blush and bronzer. Unfortunatly my skin is dry and palid so it’s hard to put on this kind of products and being able to see the final result, and the day lightning was weird so the pictures aren’t very good. But you can have a view of it in the picture above. For the highlighter I recommend using a fan brush like this one from Oriflame. It’s super soft and way it is angled applies the highlighter much better.





See for your self! Watcha think? I liked it, my skin is so soft right now and my face looks much more alive and tan hahah ♥

This is all for this post! Hope you liked and thank you for reading, next segment coming next week xoxo





Hey! How was your day? Today was really cold and humid in Lisbon, like always, I hate this weather so much!

Up there you can see my school and my friends hahah ♥ in the first one it’s Rita and Sara, I met Rita last year when she got in my class and Sara only this year, but they’re amazing, I’m always laughing when I’m around them, such great company 🙂 in the second picture it’s a collage of some pictures I took today in the science class with Claudia and the others during lunch time.

Right now I’m at home in the confort of my bedroom studying for tomorrow’s midterm, fortunatly it’s portuguese and not math! I have a video I should’ve finish editing years ago but I just can’t do it instead of studying.

My tomorrow’s photoshoot with Claudia had to cancelled, I’m so sad 😦 seems like tomorrow’s afternoon it’s gonna be empty!






Such a lame day today, totally feeling like monday! I had a video to upload today but I haven’t even finished editing it so it’s probably only gonna be up in the weekend-midterms next Thursday -.- i’m really lazy today, just don’t wanna do anything, not even my homework or study for the portuguese midterm. Gladly, tomorrow the house will be full hahah Claudia, Rita, Jessica, Ines and Joana will be here for the afternoon so we can study portuguese. Probably we’ll end up doing everything but studying, right? hahah and Thursday will be photoshoot day with friends after lunch! Oh I just hope it doesn’t rain, I really need to update on my pictures!

Hope you have an amazin week!! 🙂


Heyaaaa ♥ 

How is everyone? Loooooong time no talk, right? Really needed to update on the blog and everything has been so messed up.

Yesterday was my aunt’s birthday, she threw a little party at her house for the family, even tho it wasn’t super exciting it was good to be with the family again 🙂



Lazy sunday feeling like hahah OOTD is the most random combo i could put on: the black muscle tee is from Primark, the baseball jacket is from Bershka, blue leggings from Leftie’s and the red high top sleepers are from Primark


“You know you’re a blogger when even when your room is a mess, you post a picture”- me hahah

It’s urgent, i seriously need to clean my room coz it looks t e r r i b l e. Still, i dunno if I’m gonna be able to actually clean it today or just a general cleaning because i’m gonna be studying for the rest of the day today (portuguese midterm next week)! My grades were way to low in first term and i’m doing my best to get back to the straight A student i used to be.

Oh, if you’re wondering why all these pictures were taken by my iPhone and not my camera, well… let’s just say i’m with a stich at the moment that will be fixed soon!

What will you be doing for the rest of today? 🙂



Hello there! As I promised today I bring to you my monday look! (If you dk what I’m talking about go to my previous post).

It’s such a boring day every week, and I also have PE so I wanted to go for something casual but still cute..


For today, I inspired my self in one of the looks at Girl Vs Monster movie, wore by Olivia Holt who plays Skylar Lewis, the main character.

It was super hard finding pictures of her with that look, and the only ones I got were like fractions of the movie. So anyways, I’m sorry the images aren’t the best, but it was all I could find!




So as you can see she’s wearing this cropped sleeve red/salmon shirt, these suuuuper cute jeans – I find them interesting, I just loooove this type of skinny jeans with this kinda weird pattern that seems to fade away but that’s actually the normal fabric. I have two pairs of jeans like this!, as footwear I believe she’s just wearing some super normal trainers (red I think), but you just go with a color that matches this outfit.

Here’s the look:



Salmon sweater with cropped sleeves from Stradivarius

I know this is not very alike the shirt she wears, but it was the closest I had  to her top hahah and it’s perfect for Fall, also I think it matches this outfit very good 🙂 I also wore this with a black top underneath the sweater- not just because this is kinda transparent but also coz it was cold today!

This sweater was super cheap- around 7€



Black semi high-waisted skinny jeggings from Stradivarius

These are the ones I got most recently. They are very confortable, they look good with every Fall outfit and also are soo easy to find! I think every store like Zara, Forever 21, PacSun, ect. THEY HAVE IT. You can also choose diferent colors, the other pair I have is like a light wash denim coz I don’t really like jeans with bright colors. The ones I wore today are jeggings, wich I prefer because they’re more confy hahah

In case you got interested, these jeggings cost me 17,95€, wich I can say they weren’t much expensive right?


As footwear, there’s nothing to special. Olivia was wearing some red high-top sneakers. Since I didn’t had those I just put on my white Nike Air Force (hightop). Basically, the footwear is still importantbut less then the top and bottoms!



Just like you saw on the previous pictures of her look, her makeup was super simple, a natural look. I also know you can’t really tell how’s the makeup I’m wearing but I’ll just list below the products I used!

  • Oriflame Perfecting Primer apply where’s harder to your makeup to stay all day;
  • Maybelline FIT ME Concealer apply underneath your eyes if you have dark circles and also if you have any blemishes;
  • Oriflame Visions  Pressed Powder apply all over your face;
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo (Eternal Gold) apply all over the lid;
  • Any nude eyeshadow apply all over the lid-again, to blend the sparkles of the golden eyeshadow and keep it natural but somehow cute. Also, apply below the eyebrows to work as highlighter;
  • Sephora Black Pencil Liner apply on the waterline;
  • Maybelline Rocket Mascara 
  • Any light pink blush
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick to finish up this look, apply some soft pink lipstick!

And that’s it for this Monday’s look! I really hope you guys enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow! Obviously not gonna reveal who’s the next inspiration hahah xxx