Hi guys! Well I DO HAVE TO SAY, this first week of vacations has been really rough. It passed soo quick, I can’t believe it is already Thursday! Anyways, it’s been really hard for me to post for you and take pics coz my computer doesn’t like to colaborate soo it just gets slow everytime and blocks the videos when I want to edit them so it’s just very stressing!

But thank god, I got some time to post for you and take some pics to refresh my facebook profile photo 🙂




I don’t really like my face in the last one… It’s kinda weird.

Hahaha you know you’re a blogger when everything you need to take photos is a camera and your mirror. This is a thing I do A LOT

Have you guys seen my last video? It’s my makeup collection! I have no idea why, but I was sooo happy while recording it hahaha Stay tuned, because this afternoon I’m going to take more pics and record a Summer Haul Video! If I have the time, I will upload the photos even today, but I don’t make any promises!


Something that I wanted to talk about, is the reason why I’ve been also busy this week..


Last monday, 17th of June, the portuguese directioners started tweeting the tag #PortugalNeedsWWAT. “WWA” means “Where We Are” and it’s the name of the One Direction‘s 2014 Tour. They gived their first concert in Portugal this year, and we REALLY want them back next year, so we ALL started tweeting this and we made it till the WORLD TRENDS! It was amazing! The portuguese directioners ruled the twitter for over 4h! Of course… We had some little help from the brazilian directioners 🙂


On Tuesday and yesterday, we tried to repit it, but we couldn’t made it and the polish directioners stoled us the shine..


We know it’s going to be hard but on FRIDAY, 21st OF JUNE we want to bring up the tag again! We REALLY NEED YOUR HELP GUYS! There’s not many things you need to do, you just have to past the tag on your tweets. Because on monday, only Niall noticed our tag and this time we want any other member from One Direction to see that we NEED them back! pleeeaaaaase I’M NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE DEALED TAG BETWEEN EVERYONE THAT IS GOING TO TWEET, but if you’re interested in helping (wich I hope you are), please coment this post or message me at any other social network, i will defenitly answer you 🙂 For more info headover to some One Direction’s portuguese fans web page, or ask me (wich I think it’s easier).


Thanks, for reading, watching my videos (in case you did), and tell me more about you!

How was your week? Any forward plans?