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Want a Spring-to-Summer look on your nails that’s easy to make? All you need is two nail polishes, one with a spring shade and the other one a little more fancy and just push your imagination!
Here I picked lilac (330) by KIKO (€2,99) and Very Me Secrets in Gold Sparkle by Oriflame (€4,99). These are my favorite brands for polish, they always have amazing colors and the polish is really good quality! The look I created with these polishes is very simple and not very original hahah I guess I’m not an expert on manicure but there are soo many other effects you can make to express your feels for this warm spring weather! 🙂
we all love spring but.. Who’s excited for summer? 😉





Today I had one of those amazing afternoons when it’s a longer weekend because you didn’t had school on Monday! So obviously, me and Bruna went out to the BIGGEST MALL ON EUROPE, DOLCE VITA TEJO! It was soo cool because we saw soo many things on the best stores with amazing prices. Starting on Primark and ending on Claire’s, everything was temptating but we made a little challenge to ourselfs… I took 20€ and I tried to bought the coolest things with it! Actually spend them on only four things, but they’re all so cool that I think it was worthy 🙂



Like it? It’s my newest, lovely, charming golden necklace from Primark. Can you believe I got it for only 5€!! I was surprised, and shocked and mostly, i was enchanted. This is like one of the prettiest golden necklace i’ve ever seen and it was sooo cheap! Guys, it’s official, I’m in looove with Primark, and you should be too…



Recently on youtube, I’ve been watching several girls talking about SALLY HANSEN‘s Nail Polishes and all of them said that they were great. Then, from nowhere I started to see some malls selling these and I thought of trying one! This little guy i got it’s the 150 SUN KISSED POLISH. I haven’t tried it already, but I can tell you it is a beautifull light an summery orange color that I fell in love with! I usually go for cheap and lame polishes, but this one is of such a good quality and it was only 4.99€ 🙂



As a makeup basic, today I got my veeeeery wished concealer! Finally I got one! Yes, because latelly I’ve been using foundation to correct my dark circles, and you know why? Because I wanted to find a tester concealer… Something that was praticle and cheap that I could buy on an emergency! Yes, because, as soon as I can, I’m going to “attack” the flawless concealer from MAYBELLINE NY, 20 FIT ME CONCEALER! It’s the revolucion from the concealers! It’s the best you’ll ever try as a concealer, but for now, I leave you this cutie I got on BELL for only 3€ that it’s always going to be on my bag!



And the day continued till STARBUCKS! It’s my favorite lounge place ever, with all the things you can choose from, to eat or drink, and that good detail that you have free wi-fi hahahah I LOVE IT! There are so many sofisticated things, I know; but I usally gor for the most simple, frappuccino. And for getting even “simpler” I asked for a vanilla one hahaha actually I just wanted to see how it looked like beeing totally white :p


Making a happy ending of this FREE MONDAY, my mother surprised me with a unvulgar… but delicious dinner! HAHAHA you know you’re a blogger when you take pictures of every meal you eat! And so, here’s my lovely dinner:

A crunchy egg, cheese and ham toast, french fries and watercress salad with yogurt and garlic sauce *o*


GET JEALOUS! Everyone know… our mother’s meals are always the best! If you want, you can check these photos from today at my instagram or maybe at Bruna’s too!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed this afternoon. Thanks a looottt for reading and keep watching our videos at our ThatsBeautyInsider youtube channel! Stay tunned, and you’ll have more videos veery soon.

But tell me… how was your Monday?