One Month To Go

One Month To Go


DIY Makeup Brush Supporter

Hey hey! Today I wanna share with you a DIY (DIYourself) item that I bet it’ll be pretty handy for you!





Sometimes it gets very hard to find where to set your makeup tools like brushes and sponges or lash curlers, so I found a way to make my own supporter with… a Starbucks cup!

So, like any other person, I randomly went to Starbucks and asked for de old, but gold Caramel Frappuccino.

1. Wich size?

You might think it is too short, but the size I used was Tall (the smaller one), It’s the one you can see on the pictures and for me it’s the perfect size (so in width and height). But in case your brushes are idk bigger or something you can use the Grande size, but bigger than that is too much.

2. How to turn it into my supporter?

2.1 Cleaning After you finish your beverage you have to clean your cup, obviously. I pretty much cleaned it the most simple way possible. First you have to pour some water in to remove the residues of the drink, then you have to apply (with a specific sponge) some detergent. Remove the excess of water with some absorbent paper and let it dry for about an hour or less.

2.2 Decor

I pretty much didn’t decorate my cup, coz I thought it would look cute just as the regular Starbucks cup with my  name on it and the logo hahah but you can paint it, attach details, cover it and many many many other things!



You might be asking what’s the cotton for. Well at first I used it just because, but it keeps my cup cleaner, gives it a lghter look, also, if your brusher are smaller it’s good to have something on the bottom making it less tall. You might wanna replace the cotton with some frequency coz it can get dirty.





Now that you know how do it, it’s up to you! I think this is a pretty good idea. Even tho these supporters usually aren’t very expensive, it’s still a money savior!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a nice weekend! 🙂



Collared shirt
$31 –

Black leather jacket
$510 –

Saggy skinny jeans
$37 –

Converse white shoes

Mulberry kohls purse

Wall art

Ikea kitchen

68″ Adler Tufted Platform Bed


Hi there ♥ Since Christmas is closer than we all think I thought of making a post about the best upcoming worldwide event!

In case you don’t know, Women’Secret works as the european Victoria Secret, except it is much worst- perks of being american. Anyways, if there’s something I like about their items, are the products they usually sell matching the collections they release! Last year was probably Mickey Mouse year or something hahah…



1. Christmas Themed Mickey Mouse Slippers So confy oh my goodness. I totally have to recomend this ti the world! Having these on your feet is like walking on the clouds I swear! They’re soo cute, and they warm up your feet pretty fast! Guess that’s a score for the slippers on northen countries huh? Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to find them ate their website, but you can check other slippers on their store here


2. Mickey Mouse Makeup Bag It’s the cutest makeup bag you’ll ever find! Fits in any bag (very easy to transport), but it’s huge inside, there’s a toon of stuff you can put there, The material that it’s made of it’s super resistant and easy to clean. Other Mickey Mouse vanity cases can be found here



3. Mickey Mouse Small Case This kinda works like wallet, but you can use it as a makeup bag too. It is very thin so you can’t fit like large stuff inside it, that’s why I think it works better as a wallet (specially if your everyday mascara is the Maybelline’s Rocket mascara like mine, coz it’s too large). But I can tell you it is very handy to have on your purse/handbag. For small cases like this one, you can check out the link on the item above!





I really think that shopping at this kind of stores for Christmas is an amazing option, because they’re not only about underwear, but also the cutest accessories and perfums and… so many stuff! Hope this gave some ideas! 🙂

None of the products were sponsored and all the opinions were mine and my own


Hi again! As you all know, yesterday was awarding night in Amsterdam bevause of the MTV EMA, you can go check out their website here for consultig who was the winner of each category, the Celebrity Buzz contest results that went down on twitter last night during the show and all that stuff. You can also watch the whole ceremony back again in case you missed it!


Now, I can’t be objective about this, totally gotta share my opinion about this year’s results.. ALL so.. unexpected! Don’t you agree? Well, I’m not saying that the the people who won didn’t deserve them.. well maybe I am, and maybe I’m right!? C’mon, I always predict almost all of the winners but this year I almos got to think the results were wrong! The biggest schocker of the night was probably the winner for Biggest Fans category.. WAIT WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? TOKIO HOTEL? WHAT? Right.. I gotta be honest, I thought they we’rent even together already, seriously! I know they use to be a huge success but that was 5 years ago! Also, it was schocking not only the winner for Best Music Video but also the way Miley Cyrus acted when she received the award.. She came on stage, with her -now usual – white maillot and some big and creepy fur coat, some all white chunky heels, her classy Chanel purse and  WAIT WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? IS SHE ACTUALLY SMOKING WEED ON STAGE? WHAT? Right.. Honestly, Redfoo’s eatable suit was pretty normal compared to Miley’s latest actions. I know her perfomance of We Can’t Stop was to normal to be true, she totally had to the something to call for attention..

I was pretty sad that One Direction, Justin Bieber, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis weren’t able to attend the EMA ceremony, they were very important to this year’s ceremony..

Katy Perry’s performance? Well that’s another thing to talk about, that was stunning! She was so pretty, she sang so well and the song was beautifull!

TBH Icona Pop singing “I Love It was the perfect way to end the ceremony, their song has turned into an amazing worldwide hit, totally a mark of this year’s music and everybody was partying and dancing to that song.. ooohh I wish I was theeeeere! Humm.. one day I will hahaha ♥♥♥ But we never know right? I mean, they seem to be inviting YouTube hits every year from now on. Last year was Psy with the Gangnam Style thing and this year was Ylvis with The Fox (honestly I still can’t understand why does the fox says ding ding ding or some shit like that)..

What’s your opinion on this year’s MTV EMA ceremony? 🙂 xx


Hey ♥ So I had these last days as “vacation” off the blog basically, my weekend was all about stay at home and do nothing, except watching the MTV EMA 2013 … I refuse to talk about that now, it’ll be the issue of the next post.

Well, I’m soon getting the Adobe Premium video editor on my computer and I’m super excited coz I can’t wait to return to my beauty guru life! That’s what today’s post’s about, my OOTD and a couple ideas of looks that will be up on my “Winter FrozenBook” video.. I mean, if get the chance to upload it. If I don’t, well, we’ll have to stick to the good and old blog posting.


Today the sun was big and bright, still tho the temperatures didn’t passed the 20ºC. I chose a a light and confy look.



I got this shirt at Zara, last year. It’s some “kinda” lace fabric, and it’s way too transparent for being wore with nothing else underneath, that’s why I had a simple tight black top. You can check out the store here.



Above the top, as my jacket/coat, I wore this light wash denim shirt. This is a very regular item and I bet most of you have this. I got this one at Stradivarius for 2 years ago and I just can’t get over how handy this is everyday! This a very wore item during all the seasons lately, you can go search for these at any clothing store but you can check out Stradivarius’ website here

I also wore some regular medium wash denim jeggings from Primark and my normal white Nike Air Force.

As my accessories I didn’t wore many stuff, besides my regular earrings and bracelets I wore a light pink infinity scarf as you saw on the first pictures. It is from Primark and it was around 4-5€



DSC_5339 DSC_5340


That’s it for today’s look! Tomorrow there will be another post if I have the chance to blog , wich I’m not sure about because I end classes later and Cláudia has classes aswell, she might take the computer.. Oh, about that! I was talking to my mother the other day and between a lot bla bla bla we agree that me and my sister need separated computers, so I may get the MacBook Air for Christmas OMG I’m soo excited about that hahah ♥ it’s been a while since I’m begging for a MacBook and now it’s the perfect time. I just hope she doesnt change her mind, right?

Fra Oslo

Fra Oslo

Monki collared shirt
$47 –

Slim shirt

Alexander Wang black studded purse
$1,020 –

Miss Selfridge white dial watch
$27 –

Wall art

Ikea kitchen

68″ Adler Tufted Platform Bed


Hey guys! Today I decided to let you know a little bit more about my friends since I talk so much about them here! In case you don’t know, me and Bruna aren’t in the same class.. but that’s ok, we’re still best friends and I also have very cool people on my class! 1379054_312851945520291_617239799_n 1388582_312841518854667_1137783317_n   Starting with the names, the one with very long hair and braces it’s me hahahah; the one in the right with very curly hair and blue eyes is Cláudia; the other one with curly hair and black top with white polka dots is Jéssica; the girl with the green t-shirt is Joana and finally thr girl with the blue t-shirt is Inês! We have soo much fun together while playing games, laughing, taking photos some times with my camera and others with Cláudia’s! These were taken at Joana’s house with Claudia’s camera on a.. crazy day hahaha



me pretending to be a unicorn omg hahah





Ohhh it’s soo nice to see how friendship is, right? It’s also amazing that I’ve become so close to them in only almost three years! They are that type of girls that you know you can count on them (specially because today I forgot my School ID so it was Claudia who payed my lunch hahah) but we can also be crazy and weird with each others!

I hope you enjoyed to know more about my friends!

What about you, any close friends like mines? Have a nice week!


Hey hey! Soo we’re back to the nice and lovely monday! Wait, when did mondays started to be lovely?-never. Anyways, my idea for today’s blog is to show you guys that you can be dedicated to fashion outside, and a real disaster at home!-so to speak. Today I was super tired when I arrived from school, so I had lunch, shot a video, and logged on the internet.. wait, rewind to the video part: I got a pair of ZARA Kids leggings and randomly I was wearing a ZARA Woman sweater WHAAAAT-you say! That’s right, you can be fashionable and confy at home while making crazy combos! Here’s the look:



The black sweater with the white tiger on is from ZARA Woman, wich I think i’ve mentioned a bunch of times. This is a very small model, my sweater is the and usually the biggest size I use is the M so.. I believe it is already from last year’s collection, I guess you’re not able to get at stores already.

The leggings are some regular dark blue fabric, with some lace detail at the ankle zone wich you can’t tell one these photos (so dumb that I forgot to photograph that). I got them 2 years ago (omg that’s crazy) but they’re just so confy and cute, and I actually think this outfit does the trick for the “being at home” style, and yes, I did filmed my video with it on, but that’s no big deal! All you can see is my face hahah


In case you’re wondering, the video I filmed was the “What’s In My Schoolbag?” one, I had toons of fun doing it and I really hope it’ll be up soon. so don’t forget to stay tunned!


How was your monday? 🙂 xx