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TGIF!! Couldn’t wait for it! I know I am on summer vacations right now, but this week was even harder then the last school one so I couldn’t wait for Friday, a chill day that always starts well and maybe ends up good for my dear readers too, let’s see… 🙂



So I started out this amazing sunny day with some freeeesh n’ sweeeeet pinapple! It reminds me so much of summer because it has that bright color and it’s so refreshing and amazing to start your day! And also, as you can see, these yuuuuuummy waffles 🙂 Geee I didn’t ate waffles for so long, this was an amazing way to remind me of how it tastes, a long with strawberry jam and chocolate *-*

Right now I’m editing the summer haul video and hope to have it ready till the end of the day, but I make no primisses because.. I have a little issue after the dinner hahaha Don’t wonder wrong things ok! But I’ll tell you a bit more on next post, stay tunned!

Till then, tell me how you started your Friday 🙂

gotta go work

Hi guys! I’m here for a little resume of yesterday 🙂

So after my post about Wednesday and the twitter tag, I recorded my summer haul video, and took some pics. I was suppost to upload them here, but then dad needed to go to Sintra for work, and Claudia was going too, and I wasn’t really in the mood to be home alone, so I decided to go with them.

My dad works with designers. He designes posters for promotions, advertising, or just the logotype of a brand, and also websites for several companies. So he needed to meet up with a lady that has a company that works with the same things because they’re doing a collab right now.

Me and Claudia were kinda random in there hahah coz they were all so busy and commited on that thing and we were like watching them doing their job! But it was fun anyways 🙂 Right now they are working on the advertising for a jewelry store that is about to release their summer collection. After the meet up with Luisa (the lady from the company), we went to Sintra Forum for checking out the jewelry store. It was near the “snack time” so we had a little snack at a coffee in the mall. I looooooove Ice Tea! Oh, and for now on, orange and chocolate cupcakes too 🙂


You might be asking about the cupcake.. Well, it was sooo delicious that me and Claudia couldn’t wait to eat it and it was gone before I had the time to photograph it hahahah

And you? Did you had fun yesterday?

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today’s closetcast: hands-freeImage

I am loving this leopard fanny pack from Clare Vivier. Isn’t it fun? I figure now that we are on the immediate countdown to welcoming our little one, anything that helps me keep hands-free while handling baby duties will be a priority. Fanny packs are cool again, no? I think it would be easy to make this one a fabulous new addition to my accessories closet. Who needs the extra bulk when I can carry all my essentials in this stylish little pack. Gorgeous!

image via Clare Vivier

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Hi guys! Well I DO HAVE TO SAY, this first week of vacations has been really rough. It passed soo quick, I can’t believe it is already Thursday! Anyways, it’s been really hard for me to post for you and take pics coz my computer doesn’t like to colaborate soo it just gets slow everytime and blocks the videos when I want to edit them so it’s just very stressing!

But thank god, I got some time to post for you and take some pics to refresh my facebook profile photo 🙂




I don’t really like my face in the last one… It’s kinda weird.

Hahaha you know you’re a blogger when everything you need to take photos is a camera and your mirror. This is a thing I do A LOT

Have you guys seen my last video? It’s my makeup collection! I have no idea why, but I was sooo happy while recording it hahaha Stay tuned, because this afternoon I’m going to take more pics and record a Summer Haul Video! If I have the time, I will upload the photos even today, but I don’t make any promises!


Something that I wanted to talk about, is the reason why I’ve been also busy this week..


Last monday, 17th of June, the portuguese directioners started tweeting the tag #PortugalNeedsWWAT. “WWA” means “Where We Are” and it’s the name of the One Direction‘s 2014 Tour. They gived their first concert in Portugal this year, and we REALLY want them back next year, so we ALL started tweeting this and we made it till the WORLD TRENDS! It was amazing! The portuguese directioners ruled the twitter for over 4h! Of course… We had some little help from the brazilian directioners 🙂


On Tuesday and yesterday, we tried to repit it, but we couldn’t made it and the polish directioners stoled us the shine..


We know it’s going to be hard but on FRIDAY, 21st OF JUNE we want to bring up the tag again! We REALLY NEED YOUR HELP GUYS! There’s not many things you need to do, you just have to past the tag on your tweets. Because on monday, only Niall noticed our tag and this time we want any other member from One Direction to see that we NEED them back! pleeeaaaaase I’M NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE DEALED TAG BETWEEN EVERYONE THAT IS GOING TO TWEET, but if you’re interested in helping (wich I hope you are), please coment this post or message me at any other social network, i will defenitly answer you 🙂 For more info headover to some One Direction’s portuguese fans web page, or ask me (wich I think it’s easier).


Thanks, for reading, watching my videos (in case you did), and tell me more about you!

How was your week? Any forward plans?

neon in nature

the paris apartment



good morning and happy tuesday. i hope your week is off to a good start! it’s officially almost summer! the weather’s been a little crazy with lots of rain and humidity over here.



it’s brutal but actually  has been creating pretty random prisms everywhere from the oil on the street to rainbows in unexpected places.



then again i guess rainbows are always unexpected!

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 2.15.31 AM

color theory

anyway i took the opportunity to use it for another color post.



candy and i were contemplating the incomprehensibility of the vibrant neon in a peacock feather the other day.



we wondered where else you’d see so much  brilliant color (let alone tones that are basically fluorescent), in mother nature’s palette.



i’ve been kind of a minimalist for the past few years, really loving the serenity of whites on whites.



but these color posts have challenged me to look…

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Breezy Graphic


today’s closetcast: leggy





Bought this dress ages ago when I was in Japan visiting family and have held on to it – so happy I did! It works perfectly with this huge bump I am sporting in these, my final weeks, of pregnancy! It was such a beautiful day, I just felt like wearing a summery dress instead of a pair of pants.

The sandals are from Zara’s latest collection, not sure if they are still available, but they are a fun pair of part boot/part sandal hybrid that I am loving right now.

blazer: Madewell, dress: E-Hyphen Gallery, sandals: Zara, necklace: Gorjana

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