Downtown Na Na Na Na

Hey there and Merry Christmas!

Winter break if finally here! It’s kinda crazy to think this year is almost over, everything went by so fast.. but what’s better to celebrate the holidays than a girls’ hangout?


Last Friday me, Bruna, Joana and Rita caught the train to Lisbon’s downtown to spend some time together and see the christmas street decor (and obviously to shop). I took the chance to vlog a little for ThatsBeautyInsider!

I always love to go to Lisbon’s downtown because it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, it’s really different from where I live (all though it’s pretty close). The weather is amazing and there’s always somewhere new to visit.

This time we started by visiting the fashion and design museum (free entrance!!) which we had been to before, but they always have new exhibitions so we visited it again. This time their main exhibition was about classic ballet fashion, it was beautiful!


After that we went to Terreiro do Paço to take some photos by the river and see some more Christmas decor.







We also visited Chiado and obviously passed by Starbucks to get a warm drink hahah 🙂

Fun fact… when we were on our way back to the train station we took an alternative route where I found a store I had no idea we had in Portugal, Benefit! I was shocked to be honest! Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands but I thought the only way of buying their products was by ordering online. Guess not! It’ll obviously be my must-stop store next time I visit downtown 😀

10816037_1003000299726832_436341921_n (1)

And that was the best (and honestly all I did) this weekend hahaha

I’m really low on winter break activities, but I don’t want to be at home the whole time… any suggestions?



Finally the weather is starting to get better. Days are usually sunny and warm around here lately, I think it’s great because it allows me enjoy Spring Break a lot better.



Last sunday I went with my mother to Belém just to walk a little bit and catch some fresh air. Belém (not the one here Jesus was born, but the town in Portugal xD). I love going there because it’s great for hanging out with your friends, family or even alone. It also has a lot of movement, it’s always super full of tourists and the sight is amazing, it’s a great place to take pictures.

On saturday I didn’t do much, This weekend I was feeling so lazy I didn’t even felt like taking pictures for my OOTD. Instead of it I’ve been on twitter and tumblr the whole time. I’ve also been more active on We Heart It and I founf some really really nice pictures. I decided I was gonna do a background for my lock screen with a few pictures i picked soo here it is 🙂


aaaand this is how it looks like:


Like it? How was your weekend?


Hey hey! On this post I’m telling you what I did yesterday. Since it’s been raining the whole week and yesterday was sunny we decided to go out and take the day to go to IKEA. There was some stuff mom needed to buy, others she wanted to check out the price. Like couches, now that we have a cat our LEATHER couches are screwed! Also me and my sister are changing our bedroom soon, we want to take away the bunk and set two actuall beds.

085 061

I also needed a new pillow for bed time, mine was sooo old and.. ah… not fluffy? And I also wanted to check out their duvet covers, I got one suuuper cute! Maybe I’ll post a picture later? 🙂





Hey! How was your day? Today was really cold and humid in Lisbon, like always, I hate this weather so much!

Up there you can see my school and my friends hahah ♥ in the first one it’s Rita and Sara, I met Rita last year when she got in my class and Sara only this year, but they’re amazing, I’m always laughing when I’m around them, such great company 🙂 in the second picture it’s a collage of some pictures I took today in the science class with Claudia and the others during lunch time.

Right now I’m at home in the confort of my bedroom studying for tomorrow’s midterm, fortunatly it’s portuguese and not math! I have a video I should’ve finish editing years ago but I just can’t do it instead of studying.

My tomorrow’s photoshoot with Claudia had to cancelled, I’m so sad 😦 seems like tomorrow’s afternoon it’s gonna be empty!






Such a lame day today, totally feeling like monday! I had a video to upload today but I haven’t even finished editing it so it’s probably only gonna be up in the weekend-midterms next Thursday -.- i’m really lazy today, just don’t wanna do anything, not even my homework or study for the portuguese midterm. Gladly, tomorrow the house will be full hahah Claudia, Rita, Jessica, Ines and Joana will be here for the afternoon so we can study portuguese. Probably we’ll end up doing everything but studying, right? hahah and Thursday will be photoshoot day with friends after lunch! Oh I just hope it doesn’t rain, I really need to update on my pictures!

Hope you have an amazin week!! 🙂


HEEEEEEEEEEEY! So, it’s kind of sheety this title hahaha actually none of my dreams came true but things have been going in the right way!


Recently, the tickets for One Direction-Where We Are Tour were sold in some countries in Europe-including Portugal, AND I GOT FOUR FOR THE FRONT SITS!! 😀 One for me, two others for the two Brunas and the last one for Joana. I also got the amazing new that some of my friends from other cities on the country will be on that area and I am suuuuuper excited for this! The concery will only be in 13th of July, 2014 so it was kinda crazy that 40% of the tickets were sold in only 55 minutes! The capacity of the stadium is 50.948 sits, I guess it will be way crazier than the concert in Lisbon last summer, but will be memorable! Did you guys watched the This Is Us Movie? Ooooooh dear that was the best, cutest, finest and most wonderfull way to spend 2h starring at the boys and take a look at all the achieved so far. I’m a cureless directioner, but I mean, I know some day I won’t be this crazy for the boys but they really have been an important ‘thing’ during my teenager life. And oh, it’s ironical that I’m writing this while listening to BSE (Best Song Ever).


All you read so far wasn’t what I actually meant to tell you guys on this post but it was just something I really had to talk about. The great new I have for my readers and youtube viewers is that MY FREAKING COMPUTER IS BACK OH YEEEEAAAAH when dad arrived home with my baby on his hands I was like “Thank God your here my sweet and loved computer I COULDN’T HANDLE THIS ANYMOOOOORE” -kidding. That never happened of course hahaha but I was full of happiness inside because thanks to the problem my computer decided to have around June, I spent the whole summer with internet only on my cel it was killing me. I wasn’t capable to upload any video during the summer, and that’s terrible for a youtuber/beauty guru/beauty vlogger and blogger. This my first post on my dear computer since he came back, and much more will come 🙂

I honestly just wanted to update you guys about this tingly thing, thanks you read it! xxx


Heeey! Got some more to tell you, about learning too hahah as you guys MAY now is that one of my biggest inspiration as a blogger it’s the norwegian girl Aurora Mohn Stuedahl, her blog it’s . You guys should toootally go check it out because it’s just my favorite ever! The only bad thing about it it’s that she writes in norwegian wich kinda complicates my life when I want to read it, so I got the amazing idea of learning norwegian!



So far, all I have is the coolest app for Android on my mother’s phone, but I really wanna go forward with this idea and soon I hope to get somewhere with this! Who knows if I wont emigrate to Norway? Really dk, things are pretty ugly over here in Portugal! But let’s give some time to this hahah

So, have you been trying something new too?

September’s Here!

Helloooo there. yes I’m alive! So latelly I’ve been most worried about school than ever coz this is year ‘m having exams and I totally have to focus on this.


The best way to concentrate while studying is to propose a good ambience for you. In my case I like listening to music, and get focused on what I’m doing, specially on maths coz it’s my worst enemy on school..


I also like to have nice stuff around me, like I don’t like to study in my room because I know I’ll get distracted easily so I go to the dinning room hahah. It’s kinda weird, but it’s the most fresh and light division of my house, Otherwise, if I studied on my room it would had to be on my bed and here, during the aftenoon I have the whole huge table just for me 🙂

Ohoh and I’m suuuuuper happy coz IKEA catalogs are back! Here in Portugal, every year they send people catalogs with their new collection of furniture and I really like their stuff, and because I’ll my do a room makeover soon this came just in time.


So I just did a little breake from maths and took a look at the new house tendencies!

There are sooo many stuff I want to talk about and show you guys, I promise I’ll do my best to post more as soon as I can! I hope you have an amazing year at school, or in case you’re not in school anymore, just have a nice year doing what you do and wich me luck because school’s starting in two weeks here in Portugal!

Tell me more about what you’ve been doing! 🙂

Love ya xxx


Hi guys! Well I DO HAVE TO SAY, this first week of vacations has been really rough. It passed soo quick, I can’t believe it is already Thursday! Anyways, it’s been really hard for me to post for you and take pics coz my computer doesn’t like to colaborate soo it just gets slow everytime and blocks the videos when I want to edit them so it’s just very stressing!

But thank god, I got some time to post for you and take some pics to refresh my facebook profile photo 🙂




I don’t really like my face in the last one… It’s kinda weird.

Hahaha you know you’re a blogger when everything you need to take photos is a camera and your mirror. This is a thing I do A LOT

Have you guys seen my last video? It’s my makeup collection! I have no idea why, but I was sooo happy while recording it hahaha Stay tuned, because this afternoon I’m going to take more pics and record a Summer Haul Video! If I have the time, I will upload the photos even today, but I don’t make any promises!


Something that I wanted to talk about, is the reason why I’ve been also busy this week..


Last monday, 17th of June, the portuguese directioners started tweeting the tag #PortugalNeedsWWAT. “WWA” means “Where We Are” and it’s the name of the One Direction‘s 2014 Tour. They gived their first concert in Portugal this year, and we REALLY want them back next year, so we ALL started tweeting this and we made it till the WORLD TRENDS! It was amazing! The portuguese directioners ruled the twitter for over 4h! Of course… We had some little help from the brazilian directioners 🙂


On Tuesday and yesterday, we tried to repit it, but we couldn’t made it and the polish directioners stoled us the shine..


We know it’s going to be hard but on FRIDAY, 21st OF JUNE we want to bring up the tag again! We REALLY NEED YOUR HELP GUYS! There’s not many things you need to do, you just have to past the tag on your tweets. Because on monday, only Niall noticed our tag and this time we want any other member from One Direction to see that we NEED them back! pleeeaaaaase I’M NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE DEALED TAG BETWEEN EVERYONE THAT IS GOING TO TWEET, but if you’re interested in helping (wich I hope you are), please coment this post or message me at any other social network, i will defenitly answer you 🙂 For more info headover to some One Direction’s portuguese fans web page, or ask me (wich I think it’s easier).


Thanks, for reading, watching my videos (in case you did), and tell me more about you!

How was your week? Any forward plans?