Downtown Na Na Na Na

Hey there and Merry Christmas!

Winter break if finally here! It’s kinda crazy to think this year is almost over, everything went by so fast.. but what’s better to celebrate the holidays than a girls’ hangout?


Last Friday me, Bruna, Joana and Rita caught the train to Lisbon’s downtown to spend some time together and see the christmas street decor (and obviously to shop). I took the chance to vlog a little for ThatsBeautyInsider!

I always love to go to Lisbon’s downtown because it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, it’s really different from where I live (all though it’s pretty close). The weather is amazing and there’s always somewhere new to visit.

This time we started by visiting the fashion and design museum (free entrance!!) which we had been to before, but they always have new exhibitions so we visited it again. This time their main exhibition was about classic ballet fashion, it was beautiful!


After that we went to Terreiro do Paço to take some photos by the river and see some more Christmas decor.







We also visited Chiado and obviously passed by Starbucks to get a warm drink hahah 🙂

Fun fact… when we were on our way back to the train station we took an alternative route where I found a store I had no idea we had in Portugal, Benefit! I was shocked to be honest! Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands but I thought the only way of buying their products was by ordering online. Guess not! It’ll obviously be my must-stop store next time I visit downtown 😀

10816037_1003000299726832_436341921_n (1)

And that was the best (and honestly all I did) this weekend hahaha

I’m really low on winter break activities, but I don’t want to be at home the whole time… any suggestions?



Sorryyy, been a bit off I know, school is always the reason -.- Two days ago I was so happy it was Friday, wich meant I was free to rest and spend the following two days watching The Vampire Diaries season 5 hahah ♥ but guess what, it’s already fucking sunday, this weekend passed by soooo fast, why? 😥


picture with Rita, Sara and Margarida and well that’s me on the top hahah

Today I’m pretty much just talking about friday and how fun it was! We had a science group project to finish so after school we headed to my house and had lunch here (pizza life ♥) and finished the project after.


collage Sara made eheh

My face was soo worng  that day, I fell asleep and I didn’t had time to put even concealer on ugh. That was a hell of a weird day. On the way home it started raining soo much I had to call grandpa to pick us up in middle of the way or we would sink in so many rain! Then, we let one of the pizzas burn in the oven (well it was tasty anyways), also Sara spilled water into my computer’s keyboard and I panic! Fortunatly, we cleaned it super duper fast and it’s working perfectly hahah



After we finished Sara and Margarida started watching Chucky eww how bad do I hate that movie? Really bad :s so Rita and I stayed in the computer and took a bunch of pictures with my phone here are a couple.. we actually took around 40 like these hahaha

The rest of the day was Math extra class and dinner ugh for now on i’m having more 30 mins of the extra classes AT FRIDAY. how bad is this? Very bad 😦





Hey! How was your day? Today was really cold and humid in Lisbon, like always, I hate this weather so much!

Up there you can see my school and my friends hahah ♥ in the first one it’s Rita and Sara, I met Rita last year when she got in my class and Sara only this year, but they’re amazing, I’m always laughing when I’m around them, such great company 🙂 in the second picture it’s a collage of some pictures I took today in the science class with Claudia and the others during lunch time.

Right now I’m at home in the confort of my bedroom studying for tomorrow’s midterm, fortunatly it’s portuguese and not math! I have a video I should’ve finish editing years ago but I just can’t do it instead of studying.

My tomorrow’s photoshoot with Claudia had to cancelled, I’m so sad 😦 seems like tomorrow’s afternoon it’s gonna be empty!

13th/14th Of September + BEST FRIEND TAG VIDEO???

TBI Vlog: 13th Of September + Best Friend Tag Video???

Hey bloggers! Today I have a new vlog for you and my subbies. It is really short coz it’s nothing but me talking about yesterday! It was kinda rough day, but at night time we had lots of fun. So today I was filming (gosh how good it felt to be in front of the camera again) and I didn’t specified on the Vlog which video was but I’m telling you guys coz you’re all my favs hahah it was the What’s On My iPhone video. I had so much fun and every single day that passes by I miss my computer even more and feel bad about me and Bruna because our channel is literally abondoned..

Alright so, one of the things I also talked about on the video (which you also read on the video title) was “best friend tag“. The idea of making that video accured to Bruna and I fully agreed so we are very very soon getting back to the video business together with the Best Friend Tag video for that I really really really need one and just one nice favor from you guys: we obviously can’t to the tag video without being tagged with questions so everything you ever wanted to know about us and our friendship is now possible to ask. You can even do it anonymously, we just want you to ask please!
If you do, thanks a lot! Now I gotta go because tonight we’re going the that XVII Century Faire again so I gotta go get dinner and then get dressed and yeah.. I’ll talk to you guys later, bye!!


Hi guys, it’s Cat here ♥
As you may know, me and Bruna started to post videos on our official youtube channel today, and, ok, we know that is not AWESOME, but we really want to take this idea forward, so we would really appriciate if you guys gave us youe opinions and, what we should do best, and some ideas, that would be great!

Well, if you already saw the video, you may know that I said i was going to talk more about the products we bought. Unfortunatly, i had a little problem with my camera, wich made me not be able to take pictures to it, but I promise I’ll post it the soon as I can!
Thank you 🙂



well, this is our official youtube channel (mine and Bruna’s). The first videos are posted n’ ready to be watched by YOU! Yes, you! As you may know, we are still in the beginning, but we hope to evolute somehow!! Our inspirations are youtubers like, Heart; Chelsea Crockett; Amanda Steele; you know… and they’re AWWWEEESOOOOMEEEE. So, this link drives you to our first video, please check it out, subscribe us, give ur opinion, and if you rreeaallllyy  enjoyed it, SHAAAAAARRRRREEEE 😉