Downtown Na Na Na Na

Hey there and Merry Christmas!

Winter break if finally here! It’s kinda crazy to think this year is almost over, everything went by so fast.. but what’s better to celebrate the holidays than a girls’ hangout?


Last Friday me, Bruna, Joana and Rita caught the train to Lisbon’s downtown to spend some time together and see the christmas street decor (and obviously to shop). I took the chance to vlog a little for ThatsBeautyInsider!

I always love to go to Lisbon’s downtown because it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, it’s really different from where I live (all though it’s pretty close). The weather is amazing and there’s always somewhere new to visit.

This time we started by visiting the fashion and design museum (free entrance!!) which we had been to before, but they always have new exhibitions so we visited it again. This time their main exhibition was about classic ballet fashion, it was beautiful!


After that we went to Terreiro do Paço to take some photos by the river and see some more Christmas decor.







We also visited Chiado and obviously passed by Starbucks to get a warm drink hahah 🙂

Fun fact… when we were on our way back to the train station we took an alternative route where I found a store I had no idea we had in Portugal, Benefit! I was shocked to be honest! Benefit is one of my favorite makeup brands but I thought the only way of buying their products was by ordering online. Guess not! It’ll obviously be my must-stop store next time I visit downtown 😀

10816037_1003000299726832_436341921_n (1)

And that was the best (and honestly all I did) this weekend hahaha

I’m really low on winter break activities, but I don’t want to be at home the whole time… any suggestions?



Hi there ♥ Since Christmas is closer than we all think I thought of making a post about the best upcoming worldwide event!

In case you don’t know, Women’Secret works as the european Victoria Secret, except it is much worst- perks of being american. Anyways, if there’s something I like about their items, are the products they usually sell matching the collections they release! Last year was probably Mickey Mouse year or something hahah…



1. Christmas Themed Mickey Mouse Slippers So confy oh my goodness. I totally have to recomend this ti the world! Having these on your feet is like walking on the clouds I swear! They’re soo cute, and they warm up your feet pretty fast! Guess that’s a score for the slippers on northen countries huh? Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to find them ate their website, but you can check other slippers on their store here


2. Mickey Mouse Makeup Bag It’s the cutest makeup bag you’ll ever find! Fits in any bag (very easy to transport), but it’s huge inside, there’s a toon of stuff you can put there, The material that it’s made of it’s super resistant and easy to clean. Other Mickey Mouse vanity cases can be found here



3. Mickey Mouse Small Case This kinda works like wallet, but you can use it as a makeup bag too. It is very thin so you can’t fit like large stuff inside it, that’s why I think it works better as a wallet (specially if your everyday mascara is the Maybelline’s Rocket mascara like mine, coz it’s too large). But I can tell you it is very handy to have on your purse/handbag. For small cases like this one, you can check out the link on the item above!





I really think that shopping at this kind of stores for Christmas is an amazing option, because they’re not only about underwear, but also the cutest accessories and perfums and… so many stuff! Hope this gave some ideas! 🙂

None of the products were sponsored and all the opinions were mine and my own